Social Media Management

Social Media Management & Marketing for Models

Are you a fashion model? You must know that you can’t work without having a robust social media presence. Social media marketing for models is of paramount importance. Your agency expects it, the brands that want to work with you look closely at it when deciding to work with you for a campaign, and press outlets pay close attention too.

Your most important focus is being prepared for your jobs. While social media is essential, taking the thinking out of it and hiring a professional outfit to look after your presence will pay dividends. If you’ve done this on your own, you already know how much work is involved. When do you post and are you optimizing posts correctly for the algorithms? Do you have the right content mix and cadence? What do you do after the post? Are you satisfied with the engagement? Were you happy with your caption?

If any of the above are things you think about, congrats on being normal! Social Media should be fun and less work for you. Providing you with years of experience and relationships with all of the major platforms, I help fashion models strategize and optimize their social media presence.

There are many reasons you should be thinking more about this including but not limited to…

  • It’s your brand and your identity digitally. You should take it seriously.
  • Build lasting bonds with your followers so they’ll support you and your efforts outside of social media (driving sales to merchandise as an example)
  • If you’re an older fashion model (or a retired one), this is your legacy and it needs to live on. This also gives you a great chance to pivot into new verticals.
  • You get to control your own narrative to the world. It’s your own PR and you have a big opportunity to reach more people than ever before.
  • More jobs with brands. How you position your channels and stand out will be pivotal.
  • Fashion models who are active and participating will always have better opportunities to grow their presence.

Social media is not going away in your industry. Wouldn’t you like someone who can help you do more with your presence?

I have worked with top-tier models to define and hit their social media goals and I’d like to help you too. I provide top-notch social media management and marketing services for models. Let’s connect here to figure out how we can best work together.