Social Media Management

Rock Climbers Social Media Management & Marketing

Rock climbers’ presence on social media is essential these days. Are you a professional rock climber? Do you want to grow your brand better through social media?

If so, we should talk. Navigating social media is no easy task. New platforms are popping up left and right, existing platforms continue to evolve, and content creation and curation continue to be a job by itself! And what happens after your post?  How was the reach?  Was it optimized? Do you despise having to figure out what to do before or after climbs?

If this all sounds like too much, it is! Social Media should be fun and you need to have someone who knows exactly how to help you grow while taking the thinking out of it. Besides, you need to prioritize your work on the rocks, not on your phone screen.

I help rock climbers strategize and manage their social media presence. It does not matter what your social media usage is, you should have help and there are many reasons to be active online, including but not limited to…

  • It’s your brand and your identity online. You should take it seriously.
  • Build a tight fanbase so they will support you and your efforts outside of social media (merchandise as an example)
  • If you’re an older climber (or a retired one), this is your legacy and it needs to live on. We don’t want to forget you!
  • You get to control your own narrative. Think of yourself as being your own PR.
  • Interested in working with brands? Social media is where you can build towards that.  You’re going to need help positioning yourself.
  • Climbers who are active are always favored with better opportunities to grow their presence

Social media is not going away and it’s time for you to take advantage of that. Besides, it’s all about the climb!

And that’s where I come in. I have worked with many top-tier athletes helping them reach their goals with social media and I want to help you too. Let’s connect here to find out how we can best work together.