Top 25 Apple Podcast Focused on Rewatching a Hit TV Show

The Goal: Wanted a full social media growth campaign from the ground up, centered on new and existing fans of the original TV show.

The Solution: Created an all-encompassing social media plan and strategy that includes working closely with the show’s director and talent.

Spearhead and execute the podcast’s entire social media ad campaigns, including running multiple ads to drive traffic to increase the show’s listenership. This campaign results in more than 50,000 clicks at a rate of .01 per click to-date (truly the best click-thru rate possible).

Handle all fan engagement on all platforms and have grown the show’s social media accounts from 0 followers to more than 50K on Instagram, with an engagement rate as high as 25% at times. I’ve also grown the following to 25K+ on both Facebook and Twitter.

Timeframe: 12 months (and counting)

Celebrity Chef and Top Chef Finalist

The Goal: Wanted help managing online presence with oversight of brand campaigns

The Solution: Worked to organize social media and online presence in a way that incorporated best practices for each platform, ensuring the best reach possible. Worked extensively with many brands on campaigns to carve out content ideas that were beneficial to both the brand and the client. Executed said campaigns for said client.

Timeframe: 8 Years