World Champion Rock Climber

The Goal: Wanted help curating Instagram feed while handing over complete control of other social media platforms with a focus on community management and managing brand commitments

The Solution: Created an asset library from existing content while requesting new content as needed for Instagram while creating a content calendar to aid with curation.  Doubled the client’s Twitter engagement in month 1, tripled it in month 2, and increased it by 5X in month 3. Doubled organic reach on Facebook.  Managed all social media brand commitments including reporting.  Kept client abreast of new emerging social platforms in addition to keeping them updated about new functionality within existing platforms.

Timeframe: 4 months

Sports Personality and Former Player


The Goal: Wanted to reinvigorate social media accounts after having been away for a while.

The Solution: Created a plan with a focus on athlete’s career, passions and interests, and family. This led to a doubling of his followings on all platforms, major brand deals, and a newly launched podcast with top-tier guests.

Timeframe:  12 Months

2X Veznia- Trophy-Winning NHL Goalie

The Goal: Wanted assistance creating a content plan for the offseason and the season.

The Solution: Created a plan for the offseason highlighting his training and his time away. Worked closely with the league and the team leading to many social media opportunities. Created a very simple plan for the season allowing his presence to remain active on social media while not taking away from his time on the ice. Grew his Instagram account from 5K followers to over 100K.

Timeframe: 12 Months

Emmy Award- Winning TV Anchor / Sports Personality


The Goal: Wanted to increase digital footprint in addition to needing social media assistance juggling multiple TV shows, a clothing line, romoting the other talent’s other projects, and philanthropy.

The Solution: Spearheaded the creation of client’s flagship website, email list, and YouTube channel. Consulted on all content ideas for the website, including its first video series . Created a strategic social media content mix that satisfied professional needs while ensuring personal content — which had the highest engagement — was not neglected. Also increased client’s Instagram followers to over 1M (from 665K).

Timeframe: 18 Months