Supporting Actor on a Netflix Reboot


The Goal: Wanted a fresh perspective on their social channels. Asked for help with increasing follower/engagement growth.

The Solution: Completed a full audit of all social channels, which showed that both the voice and the content were impeding growth. Worked with actor to increase engagement by 10% and Instagram following by 50K+.

Timeframe: 3 Months

A Male Lead on a Major TV Spinoff


The Goal: Wanted assistance curating social media feeds, a liaison between the TV show, and follower/engagement growth.

The Solution: Created asset library. Curated weekly calendars with the right mix of content focusing on the show and his personal life, with a focus on authenticity. This led to a more than tripling of his Instagram following from 10K to 35K. Worked closely with the TV show to maximize opportunities and exposure.

Timeframe: 9 Months

Lead Female Actor on a TV Show


The Goal: Wanted help maintaining and growing social media presence.

The Solution: Provide regular content suggestions based on client’s likes. Work closely on the social media side with her TV show, in addition to the charities she’s heavily involved with. Created and executed a vast social media campaign around client’s major book release. Have grown Instagram following to 250K, created a Facebook page and grew following to 320K, and Twitter to 92K.

Timeframe: 7 Years and counting

Lead Female Actor on a TV Show


The Goal: Wanted help getting to 1M Instagram followers (she had 600K)

The Solution: Provided and executed a plan to transition her from one show to the next while getting her over 1M followers. Also launched her Facebook Page and amassed 500K page likes.

Timeframe: 6 Months

Male Lead Actor on a TV Show

(FOX / Netflix / USA)

The Goal: Wanted assistance with managing his socials while growing his presence

The Solution: Devised a plan and took over all social media accounts. Grew Instagram following to over 1.6M followers (from 250K) and tripled his Twitter following to 220K followers.

Timeframe: 24 Months and counting